Friday, June 12, 2015

050 - Identification of six open reading frames from a region of the Azotobacter vinelandii genome likely involved in dihydrogen metabolism

This study looked into which genes in Azotobacter vinelandii are required for its uptake hydrogenase other than the structural genes, hoxKG.

What They Saw
They sequenced almost 6 kilobases somewhat downstream of the structural genes and found 6 open reading frames (ORFs), the last incomplete, so they sequenced some more to complete it. All 8 seemed to be a single operon. These genes are now called hoxV and hypABFCD (based on homology to E. coli genes).

They predicted that the middle 3 and last ORF (now called hypABF and hypD) would produce proteins good at binding Fe-S clusters. HypB has a histidine-rich region that might be good for binding nickel, and HypF has a zinc finger-like region. They have good homology to genes related to hydrogen metabolism in other organisms. They could be related to hydrogenase regulation or assembly, especially related to Ni and Fe; some (HypBF) have homology to other Ni-related proteins, such as urease.


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